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Do you need to best paper shredder? All form of a confidential document should be shred. This is the only way you will prevent your sensitive details and materials from getting into the wrong hands. This document may have a negative implication if they get into wrong hands especially for businesses. All your staff’s details and confidential documents that have name need to be shred to prevent them from getting into the wrong hands. The process of buying a new shredder that will meet your office or home shredding need may be confusing. This best paper shredder guide will cut across all the details you need to know in buying the right shredder.

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Fellowes Powershred 60Cs 10-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper Swingline Paper Shredder, 14 Sheet, Super Cross-Cut Swingline Paper Shredder Fellowes Powershred 79Ci 100% Jam Proof Medium, Duty Cross, Cut Shredder Boxis AF100 AutoShred 100-Sheet Micro Cut Paper Shredder

Paper shredder reviews

HSM Shredstar BS10Cs Cross Cut Paper Shredder

This shredder will be perfect for you if you own a small business. The shredder will take about ten sheets of paper at a time. The staple and clip on the papers can also be cut into pieces by the machine.
• You can easily feed the paper into the shredder
• The shredder is quite when working
• You can easily move it around
• The shredder is easily affordable
• The machine is of good quality
The Downside:
• Few of the customers report how sluggish the shredder works
• The warranty on the shredder is short
• The capacity of the bin small
• Not the most attractive design

Fellowes Powershred 79Ci

The shredder is designed with a sensor that will indicate when the shredding machine is full and a feeder that can take enough paper.
• This is shredder is very safe to use
• They are rugged
• You can easily operate the machine
• You can shred multimedia material like CD or floppy disk with this shredder.
• The shredder always undergo 20 minutes cooling after a long hour operation
• You can use the shredder in a large office
• The shredder doesn't crosscut the document as other advanced models


Swingline Stack-and-Shred 100X

This machine can shred more than 100 sheets of paper at a time. This shredder is small but weighs about 27 pounds. They have a large bin, which means you won’t bother emptying the bin all of the time.
• You can feed the paper in manually or use the automatic feeder
• This can also shred paper clip, credit card, and staples.
• You can easily empty the bin

• The shredder is relatively heavy and weighs about 30 pounds
• This is good for shredding paper in bulk but can't-do for thicker envelopes
• The warranty on the machine is short


Sentinel Pro FX20C24P

This is a high-security shredder that can shred up to 20 sheets of paper, CD and credit card. The shredder has an overheating indicator and 8-gallon wastebasket.
• You can easily control the shredder
• The machine has a large waste receptacle
• They can cut through CD, floppy disk, and staples
• You can easily empty the bin
• The warranty of the product is only a year
• The machine may not be as quiet as you must have anticipated
• The shredder is not a perfect match for large companies

Staples 16-Sheet High-Speed Cross-Cut Shredder

Apart from cutting through stack paper, it can also destroy credit cards, CDs, and paper clips. The bin can take up to 7 gallons of waste, that doesn’t stress you in emptying.
• The shredder is very easy to control
• You can easily move the machine around
• This machine shred 8 minutes and it will rest
• The card may be difficult to tear unlike paper
• This may be robust for small-scale enterprise

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Type’s of paper shredder

Below are the types of shredders available depending on the level of security you want with your confidential documents.
• Strip cut shredders. All this types’ of shredder does s to cut your secret documents into strips. They are the first type of shredders, but they are less common today because most companies need shredders that can help them destroy documents they want to get into the wrong hands.
• Crosscut shredders. These form of shredders slice document in a way that makes it difficult to be read. The higher the model, the more the level of security you could get from the shredder.

Micro-cut shredders. They function just like the cross cut shredders but do a thorough shredding. This shredder cut documents into pieces that are as tiny as diamond. This is a machine you will need If you want to prevent your document from getting into wrong hands.
• Crypto cut shredders. They cut down papers into the smallest pieces possible. Military and government officials mostly use them.

The Shredders Used at Home

The size of the shredder used at home is smaller compared to that of business.
• Compact shredder: This type shredder can destroy close to 40 sheets of paper a day. The size also determines the cost; the smaller shredder is cheaper than, the larger ones.
• Desk side shredder: This is a type of shredder that can destroy more than 100 sheets of papers a day. You can empty the shred easily.

The Shredders for business
A company will require a bulkier form of a shredder. Below are the types of shredder that is suitable for business needs:
• Small office shredder: This shredder can be perfect for an office with six employees. This can shred at least 200 sheets of paper a day. They should also be able to destroy CDs or clip depending on the model you do for.
• Medium office shredder: These can do the shredding of a pack of paper effortlessly. A large room will benefit from this type of shredder.
• Large office shredder: The shredder can do two-ream of A4 paper a day. This is included floppy disk and CD.
• Departmental shredder: You will be able to destroy large documents like cardboards, including the A3 also.
• Specialist shredder: These are shredders designed New Price: (as of 03/12/2019 22:06 UTC) to destroy CDs, ZIP disks, DVDs, and floppy disks.
• Industrial shredder. This will be useful for an office block. All the waste from the different department will be destroyed here. This should be able to destroy up to 100 to 2000kg of papers per hour. All form of materials is destroyed with this type of shredders.
• The bin size of your shredder is critical when buying. This may look irrelevant, but the bigger your shredder, the less time you will waste trying to empty the bin. A transparent bin will is good because you will be able to know when the shredder is full

Infographic – Increase Accuracy when Using a Best Paper Shredder


Factors to consider when buying your Shredder

Apart from the performance and the level of the security of your shredders, there are also other factors to consider in selecting the right shredders. This may be getting the right model and other factors. Below are few things to consider when buying your shredder:
• Auto-start/stop. This is a feature that allows the shredder to start working once the paper is feed into it. This is the feature that disengages the shredder from working.
• Reverse. This is useful when you want to unblock the shredder.
• Bin safety flap. These flaps stop any materials that should not be shredded.
• Overheat cut-off. This is the feature that helps cut off the power when the shredder is too hot.
• Pin lock. This is another feature that will need you to input a set of code to access the waste bin of the shredder. This is a perfect way to make sure the shredded papers don’t get into the wrong hands.

Paper Shredder Reviews

Best Paper Shredder Reviews
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